Palestinians Visions of Freedom

Dear Supporter,

Yesterday, we commemorated 71 years of an ongoing catastrophe for the Palestinian people, our Nakba. Justice has been denied to the Palestinian people through Israel’s oppression and the US' complicity for too long.  However, Palestinians never stopped resisting, and only they can determine their future.

Today, we visualize and strive towards a future where we all are free.

Adalah Justice Project asked Palestinians in Palestine and in the United States to think about a world without walls, separation and oppression.

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Our invitation to all Palestinians is: Yalla, let’s visualize what freedom will look like.

We’ve created a two-minute video in partnership with the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights to capture some of the visioning and dreams of our people.

This Nakba Day, we reaffirm our commitment to our history, our unity and our future.

Much love,

Sandra and Izzy 

Back Home in Palestine, Finding Love and Hope

Dear Supporter,

I made it home to Palestine.

This past week, I have experienced the full range of emotions from anger and devastation to warmth and hope. What I have felt and seen in these last few days is just a glimpse of what Palestinians directly living under Israel’s occupation and discriminatory policies deal with on a daily basis.

I was interrogated at the airport for 9 hours and threatened denial of entry from my own land. I  encountered a scene of settler violence near my village. And I feel so helpless and far away from the bombings in Gaza, even though I am only a short drive  away. All of this is the daily violence that Israel has normalized and uses to maintain our oppression.

Of course it’s not all despair. There are also pockets of hope and joy.

The holy month of Ramadan has begun. Spending this sacred time with my family and friends has been full of love and mutual feelings of support.

This is why I love Palestine and my people -- regardless of despair, we always find moments to cherish life because of our collective understanding that tomorrow is never promised.

Over the next few weeks, I will be meeting with our partners in Palestine to continue constructing a bridge that will let us exchange mutual support and build with each other to combat fragmentation. I look forward to continuing to update you all on my whereabouts!

Please enjoy this short video of the place that helped spark my devotion in striving towards justice and freedom for Palestine and for people across the globe.

With my cousin, Hadi

With my cousin, Hadi

Much love,

Izzy Mustafa

Communications Strategist