Radically Imagining Our Future

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Earlier this month in New York, Adalah Justice Project gathered an inspiring group of Palestinians from across geographies to envision our future. We grappled with tough questions including what our relationships needs to look like for us to work together across contexts and how fear and trauma limit our dreams and demands. Izzy and I were honored to facilitate some of these important and difficult conversations with a team of facilitators who held the space with patience and love.

We left feeling encouraged and inspired. It was a gift to be in the presence of Palestinians contributing to our collective liberation, to feel supported and connected, and to know the power we have together. The convening sparked our radical imagination, which in itself is a beautiful act of rebellion. A lack of imagination is part of the arsenal of oppression. Israel crushes imagination and hope of Palestinians at every turn. And so, we must insist on the right to imagination! 

We will be using the conversations and epiphanies of the gathering to inform a vision statement (coming soon) and guide our plans to facilitate political education about Palestine with our social justice partners working for racial justice, border abolition, and gender justice. This moment in history belongs to the dreamers because we know a better world is not only possible, it is inevitable. A progressive future for Palestine is a better future for all people around the world.

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Sandra Tamari