Catch Us If You Can

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Dear Supporter,

Sandra has been busy on the East coast for the past few days and isn’t slowing down any time soon! This past Thursday, she had a homecoming at the Ramallah Convention hosted by the American Federation of Ramallah alongside activist and lawyer Noura Erakat. They both spoke their radical truth about Palestinian liberation being connected to a commitment to Black and indigenous liberation and a loving embrace of all those marginalized and excluded, including our queer family. Their talk was met with love and appreciation across generations.

Sandra and Noura Erakat at the Ramallah Convention in Washington D.C. last week.

Yesterday, Sandra joined the #CounterCUFI action held at the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) convention where Vice President Mike Pence was speaking.  At 6 million members, CUFI is the largest Israel lobby in the U.S. driving support for Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people. Over 200 people joined the protest to confront Christian Zionism. People from all faiths and backgrounds came out. Protesterscourageously spoke out inside the convention and were thrown out, including the Executive Director of the Friends of Sabeel North America, Tarek Abuata.

This evening, Sandra will be speaking at the Palestine Center about the importance of cross movement organizing because as the title of the event says, we are truly not free until everyone is free. You can find details of the event here.

#CounterCUFI Protestors at the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) convention yesterday confronting Christian Zionism.

This upcoming Friday, you can find Sandra speaking on an important and timely panel with Vince Warren from the Center for Constitutional Rights, Noura Erakat, Marc Lamont Hill, and US Campaign for Palestinian Rights Executive Director Yousef Munayyer at the Netroots Nation conference in Philadelphia. On this panel,  there will be a discussion abouthow we can embed Palestinian rights in the 2020 agenda and how to continue to build power for racial justice that extends beyond and across borders.

During the Netroots Nation Conference there will be an “outside Netroots gathering” that is being co-organized by our partners at the Dream Defenders, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, War Resisters League, and American Friends Service Committee called “Roots IRL: Abolition, Global Solidarity, and the Future”. At this gathering there will be numerous workshops lead by incredible indigenous, anti-war, and abolitionist organizers about how we can get free. For more information on this gathering and how you can join us, you can find it here.

Adalah Justice Project is moving full steam ahead and we hope that you can continue to support our work and our vision as we connect with folks from various communities to have these important discussions on what freedom and justice looks like for us as Palestinians and for us all. 

We hope to end up in your community soon!

Much love, 
Izzy Mustafa