Arab feminism

There is no liberation of our homeland without the liberation of women


Adalah Justice Project proudly supports the demonstrations led by Palestinian women happening today demanding an end to the ongoing killing of and violence against Palestinian women and girls suffering under colonial violence and societal patriarchy. These demonstrations come in response to the murder of Israa Ghrayeb last month, the killing of 28 other Palestinian women at the hands of male members of their families in the last year, and the ongoing violence Palestinian women face daily under Israel’s military occupation. The marches happening in Haifa, Taybeh, Ramallah, Beirut, Rafah, Jish, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Nazareth, Arraba and Berlin are united under the banner, “There is no liberation of our homeland without the liberation of women.” 

Organizers of the marches affirm that the mobilizations are undertaken by Palestinian women, and emerge from their lived reality under Israel’s colonial regime. It is within this context that Palestinian women struggle to end male violence and intimidation within their society. This campaign was organized so that all Palestinians can experience safety, freedom and justice. The organizers make clear that their initiative to end violence against women can not be an excuse to legitimize the colonizer’s violence.

Women’s freedom cannot be postponed until after national liberation. The time is now for Palestinian women to live in safety, freedom and dignity.